Our Story...

Parents Around The World Are Reinventing Education By Opening Acton Academies.

My name is Candace Sekyere, and I am a mom of 3 daughters, wife to Richmond, an entrepreneur, and founder of Acton Academy Idaho Falls.

I’m wondering if we might have a few things in common. If you’re like me, you:

-Tried traditional schools or homeschooling but still felt like there was more to education.
-Believe your children deserve a relevant education free of the outdated confines of the traditional school, including hours of homework and dozens of fill-in-the-blank tests.
-Hope your child can learn real-world skills through hands-on projects.
-Would love for your children to be in a small school where they are known by name and given individualized encouragement.
-Desire your children to be in a school where being kind, developing meaningful friendships and learning to be a person of integrity is deeply valued.
-Want your children to find their life’s calling and be inspired to be world changers.

As a former teacher, I am very aware that our current school system is outdated and isn't effectively preparing our children for their future. Even though I never expected to start my own school, it has become my hero's journey. I am very grateful I came across Acton Academy, which started me on this journey.

If you are ready to reinvent education for your family, I encourage you to contact me to see if our school is the right fit for your family. I look forward to meeting your family.